Working With, Not For.

Just as you work hard to deliver the very best care and support to your clients, our Social Impact Consulting team is passionate about providing you with the quality of service that helps your business thrive.

By adopting a business partnership model, we work closely with you to share our knowledge, experience and diverse skillset to get you where you want to go.

  • be supported by a team that has direct service provider experience and knows the sector and its challenges;
  • get more done, sooner;
  • partner with our team as an extension of your business; and
  • receive high-quality services every time.

Our staff have worked in Social Impact and Community Services, both in government and on the ground.

As a result, we know community services from every side and use that knowledge and expertise to give you the business support consulting and marketing advantage.

Aynsley Johnson Aged Care Manager

“Working with Amergin offers me the opportunity to be part of a team of experienced and likeminded colleagues in a new and different way. Whilst we have different backgrounds and areas of expertise, many of us have direct experience working within the sector supporting clients/participants firsthand.

Amergin encourages us to use that knowledge and experience to collaborate with and educate the businesses we work alongside. No idea is too big or bound by too much red tape. It’s refreshing to all share in the journey together.”

Christine Dempsey Director | Amergin

“We foster positive culture, innovative thinking and a commitment to excellence - which means we're always at our best when you need us.”

  • Christine Dempsey
  • Tony Dempsey
    General Manager
  • Anthony Gatehouse
  • Belinda Llamas
    Operations Manager
  • Aynsley Johnson
    Aged Care Manager
  • Sue Gatehouse
    Accounts Manager
  • Lauren Byrne
    Quality and Content Coordinator
  • Jennifer Rogers (RN)
    Social Impact Consultant
  • Jeffrey Pumfrey
    Lead Developer
  • Daniel Dougherty
    Business Development Lead
  • Erin Slattery
    Social Impact Consultant

Amergin Insights

September 2, 2021
  • Amerginhub

Amerginhub: The Best is Yet to Come

As all providers would be aware, understanding and implementing legislative and regulatory changes to help maintain compliance forms a fundamental foundation across all aspects of service delivery.

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